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Erin Gillespie: A Community-Driven Approach to Opportunity Zone Investing (Podcast Episode #14)

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

By Jimmy AtkinsonFebruary 27, 2019

Erin Gillespie, Founder of Madison Street Strategies

What types of opportunity zone investments are community leaders looking for? And what can local communities do to incentivize investment in their opportunity zones?

Joining me on the podcast to discuss these topics and more is Erin Gillespie, principal at economic development consulting firm Madison Street Strategies and former deputy chief of staff for Florida’s Department of Economic Development Opportunity. In her former role, Erin worked closely with Governor Rick Scott in deciding which census tracts were nominated in Florida, so she has unique insight into the program.

Listen Now:

Episode Highlights

The strategy behind Florida’s opportunity zone nominations.What a community-driven approach to Opportunity Zones investing looks like.What local communities can do to incentivize investment in their opportunity zones.How public-private partnerships can help develop infrastructure in opportunity zones.The types of investment that community leaders are looking for.Where initial opportunity zone investments are flowing.What Erin and Madison Street Strategies are doing to promote Opportunity Zones awareness and education.How Opportunity Zones can work hand-in-hand with disaster recovery efforts, particularly in Florida areas hit hardest by Hurricane Irma (2017) and Hurricane Michael (2018).

Featured on This Episode

Erin Gillespie on LinkedInMadison Street StrategiesFlorida’s Opportunity ZonesCommunity Prospectus Examples: Erie, PA and Louisville, KYLIFT Orlando

Industry Spotlight: Madison Street Strategies

Founded by Erin Gillespie last year, Madison Street Strategies is an economic development consultancy that advises small businesses, investors, local communities, and government entities on Opportunity Zones. Their experience in disaster recovery and government provides them with the ability to help their clients access funds from state and federal resources.

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